Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer Camps 2015

Kids’ Kitchen Camp: We are so excited to offer our unique spin on summer camp for 2015.

Week One (June 15-19, Mon-Fri)
Kitchen Master Camping

Your child will become the master of your kitchen.  They will learn how to independently make breakfast and lunch to give you, the parents, a break this summer. They will enjoy the songs and activities of a traditional camp while fine tuning their independent ability to find their way around the kitchen.  Recipes will include easy to make breakfast items and kid friendly sandwiches and salads. This week will conclude with an exciting camper’s cook off.  The kitchen will be wide open for the campers to create the recipe of their choice to be shared with their fellow campers.

Time: 9:30-Noon
Price: $175 (Food included)

Week Two (June 22-26, Mon-Fri)

Kitchen Science for Kids

Your child will become a scientist in the kitchen.  They will perform many science experiments including a soda geyser, cornstarch goo, and pizza box solar ovens using everyday kitchen staples.  They will enjoy the songs and activities of a traditional camp while learning how cooking and science are related.  Campers will be making their own lunches including sandwiches and salads using fresh summer ingredients provided in The Kids’ Kitchen.
Time: 9:30-Noon

Price: $175 (Food included)

This Year in The Kids' Kitchen

We have been busy learning about measuring, nutrition, and where food comes from while cooking delicious foods in The Kids' Kitchen!  We have learned about many new cooking techniques in each of our cooking sessions such as kneading, making pasta, roasting, grilling, and boiling.

In session one, some of our favorite recipes were sourdough bread bowls and fresh soft pretzels.

In session two, we loved learning how to work the pasta machine and then comparing our fresh pasta to store bought pasta.

In session three, we roasted pork and made a warm plum sauce to go with it.  We even roasted fruit and put it on homemade ice cream.
In session four, we grilled chicken, shrimp, and corn on the cob.  We will finish the session with grilled banana split sundaes.  We also planted vegetables such as peppers, basil, and carrots.

After all this cooking this year, our little chefs will be able to take their cooking journals home with all that they learned to share with their families!