Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Kids' Kitchen Cooking Club

You may wonder what your child is doing In the Kitchens after you drop them off.  This is what to expect in a busy, but fun In the Kitchens class!  

Students will share their cooking experiences from the week.  Teachers will discuss ingredients, cooking utensils, and cooking techniques or vocabulary.  We wash our hands, get our aprons on, and head to the kitchen!

Cook Time:
We will read the recipe together and clarify any misunderstandings about the ingredients or directions. We will model techniques and guide the kids as necessary.  As we are monitoring we will redirect students when needed.  Children will help to clean dishes and cooking surfaces when they are available and not directly cooking.

Children will help to set the table.  We eat together and practice using good table manners.  They will clean up their plates, napkins, and cups.

Children will work in their journals or reflect on their cooking experience.  They will write about different topics such as...
Today I learned...
Explain a cooking technique.
Describe a cooking ingredient.
Draw a picture of cooking today.
Opportunities to blog cooking experiences

They will also receive recipes to place in their journals or take home, so that they can prepare the same recipe for their families. 

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